Wednesday, April 9, 2008

That shit you read in the paper.... somebody's related to those people

Just got off the phone with a woman in northern California... owns a nice piece of property up near the Oregon border... having trouble making mortgage payments. Asked her what was going on and what changed in the last six months... shes on disability and gets less than $1000/month. She tells me her "old man" got sent to jail... while I've got someone on the phone, I'm searching for additional info on the internet - mostly out of curiousity but also to bust someone when they say no one can help them pay the bills.... asked her how long he was gonna be locked up - she said 30-35 years..... hmmmmm, must investigate..... I hate finding shit like this.... child molestation and child pornography --- fucking pedophiles - one was mayor of a town in some state out east and active in boyscouts and the church choir. Last week I helped a collector find a debtor but wound up talking to the debtor's father.... debtor not gonna pay any time soon, picked up a life sentence...stabbed a roommate seventy five times, and then used a baseball bat to finish the job - happened in a trailer park down south somewhere. Weird shit that you come in contact with at this freakass job.... who knows what the fuck is going to be on the other end of the phone.