Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Logic Astounds Me

I love the "not my fault" calls...

THEY shouldn't have lent me the money...
THEY knew I didn't have a job when THEY gave me the credit card.
THEY knew I couldnt pay it back, so I shouldnt have to.

This chick was a true piece of work... I'm looking at her account.. appears to be an overdrawn checkbook. I get her on the phone and she tells me about the day she goes to the cash machine to get $20 for her baby's daddy.... she takes out the $20 and sees a balance of over $3000 on the receipt. So she takes out as much as she can at the cash machine and then writes a couple thousand dollars worth of checks against the rest. Common sense tells the majority of us that those extra zeros on the balance will go away as fast as they appeared. Now this chick is all balled up about me calling her asking her to cover all the bad checks she wrote. "Shit, the bank gave me the money and I don't have to give it back, it's the bank's mistake!!"

And I never get the satisfaction of seeing the sheriff roll in on the workplace or see the look on the dude's face after we clean out his checking account. Lots of strokin' but I never get the happy ending. Maybe I should switch to the legal department.