Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where's the Funny?

Not a good sign... the last week or two I've been unable to find any funniness in my job. AND THAT IS SO NOT OK!
The fruits of the phone are not being reaped. I rarely talk to anyone. I listen to fax machines, busy signals and tepid, banal messages on answering machines.
I know the tide will turn... the dude who had the cube next to me got an awesome phone message last week. The debtor calls back after the Sunday morning church service. All she says is "Mr. Bill Collector, you are THE DEVIL." click. Then she calls back with the second half, says while she was at church that morning, she had rebuked the devil and then she apologized for saying he was the devil. What she meant was that he was possessed by the devil and she would be willing to help drive the devil out of his body. How come I'm not getting any of that shit? Damn.