Monday, September 15, 2008

So Over It

Done. Amazing how habits set in and we don't notice. Get up, go to work. Repeat. Sometimes it's best to just say no and get off the hamster wheel. I transferred to the "arbitration department" hoping for variety and a little compliance from the "clients". Alas it was not to be. There are a lot of... lets be kind here... stubborn people out there that won't fulfill their obligations voluntarily. Some need calls and letters... some need a bigger nudge.... like a summons to appear in court. These same folks think they don't have to show up? I don't have the patience or motivation to be a successful debt collector. Money is not enough of a motivator for me to sit on my ever-enlarging ass in a beige office and be verbally abused by stupid people.

A couple years ago I ran the last ten miles of a marathon next to a woman that used to work as a drug dependency counselor. Asked her why she stopped doing it... her first reason was she got married to a patent attorney and didn't need to work anymore. Second reason ---- the job became BORING! After doing it for a few years she got bored with listening to the same excuses all the time. Same with collections.... it took a while, but it got BORING. I'm sick, my parents are sick, my kids are sick. Got fired, got laid off, plant closed. Husband/girlfriend/sister/parent stole my identity and ran up this bill. Getting divorced, husband died. Katrina. House burned down. Whatever. The last event shared with me was the woman in the wheelchair that couldn't work.... so why are you in a wheelchair? She was driving and dropped her cell phone and ran into a tree.

The tiny tidbits served up over the phone just whet the appetite. The google machine is the msg sprinkled on top making things more savory. And lastly is your imagination to fill in any blanks.

You can't predict the future.