Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The grueling repetition of the forty hour grind beats you down. Change that - it beat me down. I'm able to do the routine for a while... eventually I take hours to get my ass out of bed and my mind in a proper frame. There are days when my attitude stays sour until well after lunch. Some days it stays bad.

When I was a wilderness instructor for troubled teens I could always fall back on the satisfaction of knowing that "natural consequences" would prevail and instill in the student a desire to comply. If you don't set up a proper shelter you'll get wet when it rains. If you don't tie your bedroll properly it will unroll and then you will be mad. At yourself. I didn't have the luxury of "natural consequences" at the collection job. The law states that you can't threaten to do something that is not possible.... I can't tell someone I'm going to have them thrown in jail for not paying their bill because I don't have that sort of clout. But if my company owns the debt, and has every intention of following through with legal action I can state the facts - which more often than not is called a threat. Okay then. I rarely found out if legal action was being persued against someone. For me, there was no closure, I was left hanging.

Remembering the special times sitting in my beige cube. A sigh of relief. I am glad that I am a debt collector no more. Especially in this economy.